Statistical Consulting for your Dissertation

You are looking for statistical consulting for your dissertation? I can help you!

You don’t know how to analyze the data you collected for your dissertation? You already analyzed your data, but you are not sure whether you did it correctly? Or you are looking for someone accompanying you through the whole empirical research process?

Don’t panic! I guide you through the statistics jungle! I am very familiar with the personal and technical challenges PhD students / researchers are facing in the academic context and I can help you!

Simply contact me and we discuss your request. I stand by your side as a competent contact person!

See what my clients say: testimonials.

Here is an overview of possible topics for a consultation:

  • Formulating research questions and hypotheses
  • Study planning (e.g. selecting variables, study design, power analysis)
  • Questionnaire construction (online / offline)
  • Data analysis (SPSS / R)
    √  descriptive statistics
    √  correlation / regression (linear and logistic)
    √  mediation & moderation
    √  t-test / analysis of variances (between, within & mixed designs)
    √  factor analysis (exploratory)
    √ cluster analysis
    √  non-parametric data analysis
    √ robust statistics
  • Interpretation of findings
  • Reporting results (in text and graphic form) in your doctoral dissertation

You request was not mentioned here? Simply contact me and we clarify, how I can help you.


Who is the typical statistical consulting client?

My statistical consulting service is aimed at PhD students / empirical researchers who need help with data analysis or data visualization. Statistical consulting is not bound to specific disciplines. Typical disciplines are the social, behavioral and medical sciences (e.g. medicine, psychology, education, economics). Statistical consulting is also not bound to a particular place. Long-distance statistical consulting using video conference, phone or e-mail works very well. I support clients who speak German or English.

How do you work?

My mission it to make you an expert in the research methods and statistics of your dissertation / academic paper. It is important to me that you understand every word of what we are discussing. So my job isn’t done until you feel confident to submit your paper or present your results. I’ll be happy to analyze your data or create plots using R.  In addition to the results or graphs you get a documentation of what exactly I did and why. Of course, we also discuss the results via video conference or phone.

Of course, I am committed to scientific standards and strict confidentiality.

See what my clients say: testimonials.

What are the next steps if I want to hire you?

Initial Contact: Send me an e-mail and tell me shortly about your statistical problems. You can also leave a message on my answering machine. I will contact you within 24 hours (on working days) to schedule a free initial consultation. You will always communicate with me directly.

Free Initial Consultation: In a free initial consultation, we clarify further details and open questions.

Consultation: If you decide to work with me, we schedule a consultation using video conference. If required we can schedule further consultations. Sessions can be recorded for your personal use. You will always communicate with me directly. Consultations usally take place Monday – Friday between 8 am and 4 pm.

How much do you charge?

For consulations and data analysis / data visualization I charge 139€ per hour for PhD students / researcher (60 minutes; including 19% VAT). After completion of the services, you will receive an invoice from me. You can choose to pay by using Paypal or bank transfer.